Sukkur, Pakistan Emergency Relief Update – September 15th 2022

Sukkur, Pakistan

We have chosen this area because it has not had much, if any help from other NGOs or government.​ It is also the location of a pastor friend of our team leader and his family.​ ​

Location:​ Sukkur is a city in the Pakistani province of Sindh along the western bank of the Indus River Challenges: it has difficulties getting supplies, impassible roads due to flooding damage, desperation and despair of the people leading to mobbing and fighting.​

Our team leaders recently delivered supplies, which included food, and it was not even close to meeting the needs. The medical team was able to see 200+ people.​ Many are now suffering from mosquito borne diseases such as Malaria and Dengue Fever as well as water borne diseases such as cholera and injures sustained during flooding.​ 100 kits, including food, water, mosquito nets, blankets, clothes and other necessities were distributed. If you can join us in reaching out to this crisis, please Click donate on the side of the website, and please remember to Pray!