Guiding Principles

All of CC Ministries’ activities around the world are guided by 4 broad principles:

  • Kids PrayingWe are followers of Jesus Christ and motivated by His love. Above all else, our desire is to honour God in everything we do, and to point people to Jesus Christ at every opportunity.
  • We recognize and we teach people that change must begin in the heart. When the Lord changes someone’s attitude, this has even greater benefit than simply a change in outward circumstances.
  • We are committed to using God’s (not the world’s) standards of excellence. We seek eternal (not worldly) success.
  • We trust in God and we believe in the power of prayer. We look to the Lord to guide and provide.
  • Every human needs TRUTH: The Gospel message and the Word of God set people free. ICCM supports ministries which proclaim the Gospel and teach God’s Word.
  • Every human needs LOVE: When Christians show kindness and help people with their problems, hearts are touched and open to the Lord. ICCM supports ministries which demonstrate God’s love for people through Christlike relief & development.
  • Some ICCM ministries focus on Truth; others focus on Love. And most ICCM ministries seamlessly combine both Truth AND Love (Word & Deed) – just like Jesus did.
  • We recognize that God’s primary agents of His truth & love are local churches populated by true followers of Christ. When possible, ICCM’s ministries affirm and strengthen (and multiply) local churches, rather than bypass them.
  • Some people have abundance, while others have need. Following Christ includes prayerful consideration of how to share from our abundance with those in need, both near and far.
  • The role of ICCM is to connect generous Christians with worthy ministries who are reaching out to people in need, especially far away in difficult places.
  • It is good to help fellow-Christians who face hardship. And it is good to help the broader community. Both emphases are seen in the New Testament and in Christian history.
  • When circumstances allow, we help by empowering, training, and developing people. There are other times when the need is simply for urgent relief.
  • ICCM mainly focuses on supporting home-grown national ministries serving their own people, rather than the sending of international workers.
  • We recognize that all ICCM funds are entrusted to us by God, through generous donors. Careful stewardship and transparent accountability are absolutes. And we try to make the most of every entrusted dollar.
  • All our communications and activities must be characterized by honesty and righteousness.
  • In dealing with people, we endeavour to keep things simple and straightforward, and to have a friendly personal touch.
  • The Lord works through leaders who are Christlike, righteous, wise, and capable. ICCM seeks to affirm, support, and develop Christian leadership in churches and in all levels of service.

We are challenged and encouraged by what Paul said in Ephesians 2:10:

“We are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works,
which God prepared in advance for us to do.”