5 Basic Principles

All of ICCM’s activity is guided by 5 basic principles:

  • Kids PrayingWe put Christ first in everything we do.
  • We seek in every program to change the lives of people by leading them to Christ. To change the outside circumstances of a person — without having Christ change their heart — is an exercise in futility.
  • When we win people to the Lord, we make every effort, by word and deed, to mentor them to become church leaders and shepherds.
  • In every decision we make, we are committed to using God’s (not the world’s) standards of excellence.
  • It is our goal to have every person in our program be fervent prayer warriors, active soul-winners and Spirit-filled servants.
  • We will work for eternal success and not worldly success. If we fail in everything else, we must be true to this principle.
  • We teach the simple Gospel message as Christ taught it. (Christ’s parables were told in simple language that everyone understood. Therefore, when we are working with people, especially those from another culture, we use simple teaching methods.)
  • We endeavor not to be drawn into academics at the expense of understanding.
  • We mentor those whom God has entrusted to us to help.
  • In the early days of our society, a craftsman joined himself to a master woodworker or artist to learn from them. If the master’s name was on a product, this was all that was needed to prove its value.
  1. FAITH
  • Despite our constant need, we trust in God rather than using professional fundraising methods. We want to be true to God, who will provide.
  • In promoting our organization, we desire  to foster prayer and faith to meet our needs.
  • We are constantly looking for volunteers who are motivated by a willingness to serve God.
  • We seek to impart our burden and vision to others, who in turn will make that burden and vision the reason for their giving.
  • We open our hearts to every need.
  • We endeavor to see with the eyes of the Lord, and to act because of His compassion in our hearts.
  • We want to encourage, comfort, strengthen and assist — rather than judge or discourage.
  • We try to understand from the viewpoint of the victim, rather than from our own Western ideology.
  • We want to be like Christ. (There are many examples in Scripture of how Christ treated people in their sin.)
  • We seek to love sinners and help them become saints.

The sole motivation for all ICCM’s activity is found in the Christian faith. As Paul expressed in Ephesians 2:10, “We are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.”