Myanmar (also known as Burma), with a population of almost 60 million, is one of the poorest nations in Southeast Asia. This is a Buddhist-majority country with a rich past but a troubled present – much of the country is currently caught up in armed conflict. In the far east of the country, at the heart of the infamous “Golden Triangle,” is the bustling town of Tachileik on the border of Thailand.

In Myanmar, CC Ministries supports the compassionate ministry of Tachileik Children’s Home. This ministry began in 2008 when Lian Pu (a local pastor & educator) and his wife Rose took in 2 homeless children they found begging on the border bridge. The “family” has grown to about 15 at-risk children from impoverished families in the rural mountain areas who otherwise would be illiterate and without hope. Lian & Rose provide the children with a home-like environment to stay in Tachileik, where they are enrolled in public school. Their education is supplemented at home with one-on-one and small group tutoring in English Speaking, Music, Sports and other subjects. The Tachileik kids are at the top of their class! But most importantly, the children learn about God’s love and are taught the Word of Truth. Lian says, “Our goal is to give these children hope and an opportunity for a good future, good careers to support their families, and a strong Christian faith.”

Over the years, a nice large house was built for the Children’s Home. In fact, they had as many as 25 children in residence before Covid. The pandemic forced a pause in the ministry, but brought an opportunity to improve the facilities. More children can be brought in as the new facilities are completed. In addition to all the children’s activities, the building also hosts a church on Sundays.

CC Ministries recently took on the Tachileik Children’s Home as one of our newest projects – helping with the costs of caring and schooling the kids; and helping complete the building where the children are staying. We really love what is happening here!

How can I help?

To begin with (and most important), we encourage you to pray for God’s blessing on this compassionate ministry. And you can directly help the children of Myanmar through one-time gifts or recurring donations. To support the Tachileik Children’s Home through secure online giving:

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