About ICCM

George & Dorothy

George & Dorothy Middleton

After years of service in East Africa, George & Dorothy Middleton founded ICCM in 1985. Their desire was to empower people who had been persecuted and doomed to poverty. Their goal was to provide these people not only with immediate needs of food, clothes, shelter & love, but also with a future – by giving them skills to earn a living, and introducing them to a loving Heavenly Father.

Dorothy was called home to be with the Lord in early 2013. George joined her in glory in 2019. By God’s grace, the work to which they devoted their lives continues to this day, thanks to the faithful efforts of the global ICCM family. By applying ICCM’s 5 Basic Principles of Spirituality, Simplicity, Apprenticeship, Faith, and Compassion, the global ICCM family over the years has been a channel of God’s love to countless people around the world.

What a privilege to be a part of God’s work! Over the past 35 years, we have seen dizzying heights and despairing lows, but each experience has brought surprising blessings. Our International Programs have expanded to reach many needy people in many countries. Now we are seeing people, who were helped by ICCM in earlier years, going on to serve Him with their own talents & gifts. What a wonderful harvest! And with God’s help, we look forward to so much more.

What Makes Us Different?

ICCM is a small, highly-focused organization. We specialize in the “personal touch”… people-focused ministry in our program countries, and we love to keep friendly personal relationships with our wonderful support family. We keep things simple & straightforward, and we make the most of every entrusted dollar (careful & ethical stewardship is an absolute to ICCM). We empower nationals to serve their own people – helping fellow-Christians and also reaching out to the lost. These are some of the distinct organizational characteristics our supporters appreciate. But most of all, our desire is to honor God in everything we do, and to point people to Jesus Christ at every opportunity.

ICCM Today

ICCM (International Coordinated Christian Ministries) is a registered charity in Canada, with an office in Williams Lake, BC. All donations to ICCM through eligible donors are receipted for Income Tax purposes.

The Williams Lake office also serves as ICCM’s International Office. From there, Janet Hicks (daughter of George & Dorothy) serves as International Director, and Mel Middleton (son of George & Dorothy) serves as Project Coordinator. Of course, Janet and Mel are only a small part of the global ICCM family. We welcome you to join us in sharing God’s love and truth with precious people around the world.

Home Staff

Mel Middleton and Janet Hicks also work with Hayfaa Nicholson who is their office administrator, and Matt Nicholson, their IT specialist.