Zambia is a nation which offers an unusual mix of opportunity and challenges. While it has made significant progress, it is still underdeveloped with significant poverty, and is adversely affected by harmful superstitions.


ICCM became involved in Zambia in 2008 through our workers Bishop Bodson and his wife Maureen Lupyiani. The goal was to set up a small community where the people could help each other. Projects included small animal husbandry, gardens, crafts and sewing products to sell. It included communal care for the children, shelter, and food for all. However, Bishop Bodson was killed in a bus accident in 2012, just as the project was getting established. Maureen and her church, Kamatipa, decided to try to continue the project.

The project, though scaled back to make it more manageable for Maureen, continues to reach out to needy people, especially women and children, including these initiatives:

Current Activities

  • Sewing, crafts and income-generation strategies.
  • Providing supplementary food for children living in the slums through a daily feeding program.
  • Increasing food security through introduction of home gardens and a successful chicken program. Crops which are raised can be consumed or sold for income.
  • Providing spiritual assistance through literature and teaching, to assist Maureen and the other leaders in addressing the problem of occult influence.
  • ICCM plans to replicate these projects elsewhere. We will do an ongoing assessment, hoping to introduce the successful projects into other needy areas.

Covid and corresponding restrictions, droughts, floods, locusts, and illness have made it challenging, but God has enabled Maureen and the team to continue thanks to your generosity and prayers.

How can I help?

To begin with (and most important), we encourage you to pray for God’s blessing on this ministry. For more information about this program and how you can participate, please contact us. Should you like to help through financial support, please click here.