South Sudan – Abyei is still bleeding! – April 20th, 2022

South Sudan update:
Again, it is unfortunate to inform that Abyei is still bleeding!!
There were (4) four sequences attacked on 13/04/2022, by armed insurgents. They targeted (4) four following villages
  1. Leu village were attack at 6:30am, killing 5 people and wounded 6 more, they took 1,500 herd of cattle, but Abyei youth managed to return some hundreds cows back to their owners.
  2. Amiet market, the attackers came in at 1:00pm and raided the marketplaces full with many people selling and buying. they killed 68 people including women and children and 45 more were wounded. As for now, the market site and surrounding areas are still under investigation to find out how many people exactly killed and wounded in this incident. The marketplace, the lifelines for many people of Northern Bhar El-Ghazal and beyond is now closed down.
  3. Noong village was also under attack by the same insurgents at the same time, killing 7 people, one child with her mother died in this incident and burnt down the whole village.
  4. Kolom was again, attacked, killing 4 more people.
These villages as you know, are very close to one another about 15 km of Abyei town, they usually lie in northern part of Abyei box.
God is our only protection.
Please kindly pray for these vulnerable and peaceful communities to be constantly protected and supported by good-willed people who pray for us and put us under the great protecting hands of God Almighty.
Message and Prayer from our director:
(Please pray in agreement with us)
We are so sorry to hear this devastating news.
Immediately we ask God to send His mighty angels to guard and protect you.  We ask that God will thwart the plans of the enemy and those seeking to kill, maim and destroy. Lord in a miraculous way open their eyes and may they see You and be filled with the Holy Spirit.  May they be transformed by Your forgiveness.  Jesus we ask that You will turn their black evil hearts that are controlled by the forces of evil into righteous people with hearts of gold who serve You. oh God.  You did this for Saul/Paul, nothing is impossible for You.
Lord Jesus, heal this broken land, raise up mighty people to stand against evil and bring peace and resolution. May peace descend like gentle rain.  Lord fill each child, each adult with Your Mighty Presence.  Lord I lift up the many who are grieving, who have lost loved ones and livelihoods. Be their comfort and provision.
Jesus, thank you for your protection on our program people there.  We continue to ask that You will surround them by Your Mighty Power.  May no harm come to them, provide for their needs.  Give them hope and strength and the assurance of Your love. Guide us to do whatever we can and pray with all our hearts.  May our brothers and sisters in Agok know that we are lifting them up in love and prayers.  They are not forgotten.
God be with you!