Pakistan Urgent Flood Relief Update – September 21st 2022

Our most recent report from our team leader in Pakistan:
Hi everyone I am really very happy to share with you. God chose us to do the support for natural disasters affecting people.


The previous month, we got a lot of rain in the different areas of Pakistan. The Sindh, Baluchistan, and Pakhtunkhwa provinces are badly affected by the flood. A flood is not made only with raining water.
With a load of high amounts of water, our dam was not able to accept the water of that capacity. Some dams of Pakistan are broken with the pressure of water. Water has entered in the different areas of Sindh and Baluchistan, Khaybar Pakhtunkhwa.
During this visit, we visited the area of the province Sindh, 60 KM away from Sukkur city side in KHAIRPUR.
We focused on those areas that were not reached by the government and other organizations. Because is it so far and inside of the forests. Everything in the water was destroyed, and when we visited there people were living without tents, food, water, medicines, etc.
Especially these areas are ignored because they are Christian areas. The government is not arriving with support there.
We visited there with a highly qualified team of doctors. They checked the patients and gave them medicine. We arranged a big medical camp in the different affected areas, and we targeted 1000 people including women & children. We provide them with imported medicine according to their needs. We found many diseases including skin allergies, vomiting, temperature, eye infection, dengue, etc.
We provided them food items, and cooked food, (grocery Packages, baked items, cake, Rusk, Bread & milk, etc.).
The other general items we distributed were blankets, clothes for men, women, and children & mosquito nets.
Everyone, we are humbly requesting you to please pray and help. During the distribution we faced a lot of problems; people were fighting with each other to get the food packages. There are lots of viruses and diseases.
Most people were forming their earnings from animals. However, their fields are totally destroyed by the water and 1000’s of animals are dying in the water. Some are safe and they don’t have food for animals. If they have food for them then they also have very dangerous mosquitos which are killing animals in a few days. Dengue, kango, and other mosquito viruses are killing people and animals.
Can you imagine that the virus is killing animals, then how can that be dangerous for Human beings?
We saw that people were fighting with each other just to get mosquito nets because that is more important than food. There is a killer mosquito.
People can survive without food for some days but the killer mosquitos are not giving the people a chance.
Please we are requesting the people to help with providing mosquito nets, food packages and medical assistance, and Tents for people.
For the mosquito nets, food and some tents, we need 10000 to 15000 USD.
Please share your love with the affected people and give them a chance of surviving in their new life. Thank you.