Thank YouSponsorship is one of the most satisfying ways to participate in ICCM’s people-focused ministry. We have programs to support various individuals in need (mainly children, but also some adults). By giving a modest amount once a month, you can make a world of difference for a specific person and their family.

Typical sponsorship is $35/month. This can most conveniently be set up as an automatic recurring Credit Card or Bank Account charge. Some sponsors prefer to send checks, or to pay once a year… it’s up to you.

Sponsors experience the joy of being personally involved with someone they can love and specifically pray for. It is a special bond, in which God blesses both the beneficiary AND the sponsor. Please consider participating in this very meaningful service. The more sponsors there are, the more needy people can benefit from ICCM’s ministry.

Currently, ICCM is welcoming new sponsorship support for beneficiaries in our Pakistan and Ethiopia programs.

Sponsorship Opportunities in Pakistan

ICCM supports Mother Care Center in helping abused and abandoned children in the city of Lahore. The ministry provides a home-like setting for almost 40 children – restoring them to spiritual, physical and emotional health, introducing them to a loving Heavenly Father, and reaching out to their families and communities. You can help provide a healthy environment and a Christian education.

Sponsorship Opportunities in Ethiopia

ICCM’s generous supporters have sponsored many deserving people in Ethiopia over the years – orphans, students, seniors and people with special needs. As time goes by, our Ethiopia team continues to identify others who can benefit from your faithful sponsorship.

How can I begin sponsoring somebody?

To learn more, or for help in getting started, please contact us. If you feel you are ready to proceed immediately, just go directly to ICCM’s secure Donation FormThere, in the INSTRUCTIONS box, mention that you wish to sponsor one or more people, specifying which program (Pakistan or Ethiopia). The Donation Form will enable you to make one-time or automatic recurring gifts from your Credit Card or Bank Account.

Jesus said in Matthew 5:16 – “Let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.” Thank you, in Jesus’ name, for your “good deed” of ICCM sponsorship. People will be blessed, and God will be glorified!