Town FamilyIn 2011, Japan was devastated by an earthquake and tsunami. Jesse & Gypsi Town went to Japan to participate in relief efforts. Jesse grew up in Japan, speaks the language and understands the culture.

Once the relief work was completed, Jesse & Gypsi decided to stay on in Japan – to help new believers and start a new church. Gypsi was well-known to ICCM, so we brought her on as a full-time employee to facilitate her missionary work with the Japanese and among the unreached. Jesse & Gypsi work primarily in Ome (part of Tokyo), with occasional outreaches in Kobuchizawa, Yamanashi Ken and Nojiri, Nagano-Kan.

The goals of ICCM’s Japan program are:

  • To enable the Christian Church to effectively apply the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • To address dysfunctional marriages, poor parenting and broken relationships in modern-day Japan.
  • To teach at retreats, seminars, conferences and other group meetings.
  • To support church planting and church growth activities.
  • To disciple and develop close relationships through one-on-one mentoring. 

How can I help?

To begin with (and most important), we encourage you to pray for God’s blessing on this ministry. For more information about this program and how you can participate, please contact us. Should you like to help through financial support, please click here. Donations to the Japan program will go toward Gypsi’s support and/or Jesse & Gypsi’s ministry activities.